Thursday, December 8, 2016


$3415. Three thousand, four hundred and fifteen dollars-- all raised through the efforts of a good community that I couldn't be more grateful for having. Whether family, friends, acquaintances, or friends of friends, they all took part in supporting our mission by donating. I was very surprised to see us break 20% of our goal. It's been a great and productive three weeks, but fundraising has slowed down; I might send a few more emails, but I believe that this is the majority of the money we'll be able to raise. The next step will be making our way to a series, and we already have one almost through production. This video will explore TAVR a bit more. We might come to the plan of covering only a few diseases, tantamount to (or possibly lower-prioritized than) discussing the surgeries related to them. Surgeries, the operations being performed, are what's important to people-- not general knowledge of information that isn't relevant to them. I'm interested to see how this will evolve; we want to eventually get some more serious investors involved in our idea, or allow it to expand beyond us, but only time will tell.

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